(oil on canvas 80x100cm)

Every encounter has its reason


This painting depicts a metaphor of a question that stubbornly lodges itself with me and/or with everyone. “Who’s fucked by whom?”

Looking at current events, I can’t get rid of this same thought. Who manipulates or lies to whom, and who finally gets screwed for the hundredth time? Do I need to cite some examples? The fuss about the Corona virus has ultimately shown that the single tax-paying citizen can do little against the polarized power vehicle. Another example is the provoked war in Ukraine, which is nothing more than a power struggle between egos who do not want to lose face, despite the many thousands of victims. Here too we see who will take the ultimate power, … a stranger without a face, an alien

This artwork exposes how the stronger sex always succeeds in hurting the weaker sex in their sense of honor.The stronger sex admits sexually the ‘alien’, the foreign party, to her, with the result that the weaker party eventually succumbs to feelings of guilt and powerlessness.

Indirectly, this strategy is also used in warfare. The stronger sex is raped and abused by soldiers in front of the weaker sex, resulting in the latter’s mental demise.


Dit kunstwerk legt bloot hoe het sterkere geslacht er altijd maar in slaagt het zwakkere geslacht te kwetsen in hun eergevoel.
De sterkere sekse laat openlijk de ‘alien’, de vreemde partij, seksueel tot haar toe, met als gevolg dat de zwakkere partij uiteindelijk bezwijkt onder schuldgevoelens en machteloosheid.
Indirect wordt deze strategie ook gebruikt in oorlogsvoering. De sterkere sekse wordt door soldaten verkracht en misbruikt in het bijzijn van de zwakkere sekse, wat resulteert in de mentale ondergang van deze laatste.




Esta obra de arte expõe como o sexo forte sempre consegue ferir o sexo mais fraco em seu senso de honra.
O sexo forte admite sexualmente o “alienígena”, a parte estrangeira, para ela, com o resultado de que a parte mais fraca acaba sucumbindo a sentimentos de culpa e impotência.

Indiretamente, essa estratégia também é usada na guerra. O sexo forte é estuprado e abusado por soldados na frente do sexo mais fraco, resultando na morte mental deste último.

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