Hi there, I am
the Artist and Entrepreneur
who fills up his Fine Art Gallery and Living Space
with Unity in Wood
with sculptures in resin
with memories in Ink
with souvenirs in Oil Paint
with thoughts in aquarel
with ideas in Gold
with intuitions
and its symbolism in Polyester
with reflections on thin air promises
with precious forms in Metal
with sculptures in Bronze
with creations in waste Steel
with impressions in fine Rope
with wings to fly away in Cortensteel
with healing in Plastre and Bark
with epic Photography
with 196 genuine stories
with 196 lifelike Portraits
with experiences in Symbolic Paintwork
with craftmanship in Modeling
with needs to fill our minds with dazzling Sounds.
I like to invite Entrepreneurs, Influencers and Mentors
in order to understand their way
how to change Fear into mental Power
I embrace life and all its experiences
which I wish to share
let me help colouring your dreams
welcome to my world
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