HM-ART 1011: My Golden EAGLE

This story can be right or wrong, it doesn’t matter. What is important is the message behind it.

Did you know that an eagle can live to be about 70 years old?

At around 40, he experiences a life crisis in which he must decide whether to die or to continue for about 30 more years.
If he wants to move forward, he knows he has to act radically.
At that point, his beak is not sharp or strong enough to dominate his prey. His first action is to thunder into a mountainside to break it and make room for a new and sharper version. Once its new beak has grown, he pulls out his old claws one by one in order to regain control over his next preys.

Finally, he knows that his plumage is too heavy to fly high. Its beak removes the heavy old feathers one by one.

After the renewal of beak, claws and feathers, the eagle is ready for an additional 30 years….

hmm, what can we learn about this transformational story?



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