(Linocut and printed on paper)

In the cool, whispering waters of the Baltic Sea, one day a mermaid was born. Gifted with a talent for crafting art, she learned to cut out shapes in surfaces and by applying color to them, she reflected the cut shape, creating a stamp. She would spend all her time exploring the magical corners of her underwater home but she dreamed of exploring the world’s oceans to find new inspiration.

Driven by her dreams, the mermaid set out on a grand journey. She swam through the North Sea, where big waves inspired her linocuts, and the Mediterranean, where vibrant coral reefs sparked her colors. In the Indian Ocean, she marveled at graceful manta rays and majestic sea stars, creating detailed carvings in their honor. The Pacific’s glowing jellyfish and singing dolphins filled her heart with joy, while the Caribbean’s warm waters and vibrant marine life brought her peace.

Eventually, the mermaid arrived in the Portuguese Atlantic Ocean. Here, the blend of warm and cool currents, the rich marine biodiversity, and the gentle sway of underwater gardens felt like home. The colors, the creatures, and the serenity of this place inspired her deeply.

The mermaid set up a studio among the reefs, crafting artworks that captured the beauty she had witnessed around the world. Her pieces became celebrated for their intricate detail and the stories they told. In the Portuguese Atlantic, she found not just inspiration, but a true sense of belonging.

With a heart full of creativity and contentment, she continued to create, celebrating the boundless beauty of the underwater world from her newfound home.

Some days ago, a wave carried 3 pieces of her art to the surface. Intrigued by the mysterious underwater origins of the artwork, they will be showcased to the art world.

In the Portuguese Atlantic, the mermaid discovered not only endless inspiration and a true sense of belonging but also an unexpected connection to the human world.

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