Welcome to my first Webshop

This webshop came about because of the many questions from friends who wish to decorate their habitat with one of my art works. Until now, this was problematic.
Selling my own art work is in principle, very sensitive to me. Each painting gets developed in a special way. Weeks in advance, I continue searching for points of contact and symbolism about events that concern me.
Once the concept is ready, painting it is usually not such a big task. During the second and third painting sessions however, something special happens, a mind shift, which perpetuates a strong bond between myself and the work. With a result that I have to find more walls for exposing them or reinforce my ceiling for storing them.
An accidental professional flatbed scanning on one of my paintings revealed a breakthrough. There is no difference between the printed ‘high resolution 350MB scanned picture’ and the original. That’s why I dare to put the ‘quality warranty stamp’ on each ElitePrint.
Why not at the same time bring color to this dark time, bring my work into my friend’s living room, keep the original work and at the same time reserve part of the profit for this good cause?

Every ElitePrint has to be manufactured. We ask you to calculate with about 3 weeks delivery time.

Each delivery will contain a very special and personal gift from me. You ‘ve got yourself a new story to be told to your children at bedtime

“all the hidden secrets why the naked giant has been standing along the most important European highway for almost 10 years, and how his Eagle gazes since April 2022 towards Torres Vedras’ first Corner of Lovers”

Enjoy your and my discovery



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