HM-ART1130  Polyphemus’ EAGLE

Cortensteel Wingspan 5000mm



Polyphemus’ EAGLES, heavy in metal, seem to fly effortlessly over the valley of Torres Vedras (PT).

Their fine structure, transparency and changeability image of sky and clouds connects them with nature and environment.

This eagle represents beauty, strength and independence. He feels long before a storm breaks out its coming. He doesn’t run from it but uses it as a force to fly higher and stay on top float.

The story originates here for the creator. Drawing strength from battle. The bigger the challenge, the stronger he uses this power to achieve creation. Inspiration and power.


HM-ART1130  Polyphemus’ EAGLE

Soon available in the following versions:

for indoor exposition:

  1. Polished Stainless Steel, wingspan 1000mm
  2. Polished Stainless Steel, wingspan 1500mm

for indoor and outdoor exposition:

  1. Raw Cortensteel, wingspan 1000mm
  2. Raw Cortensteel, wingspan 1500mm
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