Once upon a time in a quaint village, lived a small lad named Benny. With bright eyes and a boundless imagination, little Benny was captivated by the sky. His fascination began when his father crafted him a simple paper airplane from an old newspaper. Benny would spend hours on the highest hill, watching his airplane glide and dreaming of becoming a pilot.

As he grew, his passion for flight intensified. He saved every penny from odd jobs, learned about aviation, and built sophisticated paper airplanes. Despite the village’s limited opportunities, Benny’s determination never wavered.

At thirty, during a centennial celebration, a visiting pilot offered free biplane rides. Benny eagerly volunteered, and the pilot, seeing his passion, took him under his wing. Benny balanced school with regular flying lessons, working tirelessly toward his dream.

Years of hard work paid off when Benny earned his pilot’s license. As he soared above, he remembered the countless hours with his paper airplane. Now a skilled pilot, Benny travels the world but often returns to inspire young dreamers in his village. And on clear days, he still launches a paper airplane from that hill, a simple reminder of his journey from dreamer to pilot.



From now on, the tip of my plane points to the horizon, where freedom reigns, a few steps from a small airport in Santa Cruz (Torres Vedras, Portugal).

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