HM-ART1153- FOOD AND DRINK (oil on canvas 80x100cm)


In my professional life I was confronted with dishonest and grabbing business partners. This strange feeling had a positive effect on my creations in the beginning, but the moment that lies were discovered, this started to undermine my creative process:  I was facing an undeniable truth: my wells of inspiration were running dry. In those periods of imaginative downtime, I was seeking out  sources that helped me return the creative flow to my working process, and get me “back in the game”. 

I travelled the world from Ushuaia to Nordkap, I climbed mountains and valleys. A year of sabattical experience worked miracles. I was looking for respect, truth, safety, trust, simplicity, warmth, security, connection, harmony, balance, inner peace, silence and stability which I found in an amazing Tantra course.

I let you decide if the result in this new style of artwork is satisfactory.



In mijn professionele leven werd ik geconfronteerd met oneerlijke en graaiende zakenpartners. Dit vreemde gevoel had in het begin een positief effect op mijn creaties, maar op het moment dat leugens werden ontdekt, begon dit mijn creatieve proces te ondermijnen: ik stond voor een onmiskenbare waarheid: mijn inspiratiebronnen raakten opgedroogd. In die periodes van fantasierijke downtime was ik op zoek naar bronnen die me hielpen de creatieve stroom in mijn werkproces terug te brengen en me “terug in het spel” te krijgen.

Ik reisde de wereld rond van Ushuaia tot Nordkap, ik beklom bergen en valleien. Een jaar sabbatical-ervaring deed wonderen. Ik was op zoek naar respect, waarheid, veiligheid, vertrouwen, eenvoud, warmte, geborgenheid, verbinding, harmonie, balans, innerlijke rust, stilte en stabiliteit die ik vond in een geweldige Tantra cursus.

Ik laat u beslissen of u het resultaat in deze nieuwe stijl van artwork kan naar waarde schatten.



Na minha vida profissional, fui confrontado com parceiros de negócios desonestos e ladrões. Esse sentimento estranho teve um efeito positivo em minhas criações no início, mas no momento em que as mentiras foram descobertas, começou a minar meu processo criativo: eu estava diante de uma verdade inegável: minhas fontes de inspiração haviam secado. Durante esses períodos de inatividade imaginativa, eu estava procurando recursos que me ajudassem a trazer o fluxo criativo de volta ao meu processo de trabalho e me colocar “de volta ao jogo”.

Viajei pelo mundo de Ushuaia a Nordkap, escalei montanhas e vales. Um ano de experiência sabática fez maravilhas. Eu estava procurando respeito, verdade, segurança, confiança, simplicidade, calor, segurança, conexão, harmonia, equilíbrio, paz interior, silêncio e estabilidade que encontrei em um grande curso de Tantra.

Vou deixar você decidir se pode apreciar o resultado neste novo estilo de arte.


This artwork was created as a study into ‘foreshortening’ with 2 models in my studio. I was working diligently to get all the shades right in place until the lady’s cell phone rings. It was the school board who asked where she was to pick up her child. Completely confused, she jumped up, put on her dress and sprinted to her car. The male model was left completely bewildered. In the flight he still zipped the panties that she had forgotten.

I stood there all alone with the brush in my hand. Then, without a model in front of me, I put the finishing touches on her mouse, ate my sandwiches and then left for home. I fell asleep, with a smile on my face…



a perfect combination


Just imagine that you are sitting at a large table in a restaurant with many friends, and that you, as the host, can choose the wine from the “Varatojo Hills” collection…
The restaurateur is very pleased and invites you to his separate but private wine cabinet with more expensive wines.
He shows you the bottle with the inverted label and then turns the bottle over… general hilarity, which your guests at the table will certainly enjoy, especially if you, as host, or the restaurateur tell the anecdote surrounding this work of art.


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