Thanks to my teachers in color and symbolism

Dear Marie-Jeanne and Eduard,


45 years ago, I entered your vibrant world of color. Your guidance transformed my environment and emotions into art. I fondly recall the scent of turpentine lingering on my clothes as I embarked on my painting journey under your tutelage at “De Vierschaere.”

Today, I continue to create in a world of stark contrasts, reflecting the duality of human existence.

Though you have both passed, your teachings endure. With the paints you bestowed upon me, I honor the Flemish Masters and modern Titans alike. My gallery and website serve as a tribute to your and their legacy.

In this new chapter, I reside amidst extremes, seeking balance through art. I invite others to explore the symbolism within my work, finding resonance in the universal human experience.

As you paint the heavens above, know that your influence lives on through my art.


Gratefully, Hervé Missiaen




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