(oil on canvas 80x100cm)


This abstract painting explains the relationship between a Trading Seminar in Benalmadena- Malaga, Place of Birth of Pablo Picasso, and the reading of the book “The Alchimist” of Paolo Coelho.

This painting has 3 different symbolic meanings according to the way you look at it

Side 1:

Yes, sure. I see dark clouds in the back. I notice a downwards trend in green colour. There is confusion. I am getting a pointed head. A lost candle, an upwards trend in red colour ?
The tones of the Bee Gees “How deep is your love” is setting my mind free.
I listen to the market, I see rocks on the beach, Urim and Thummim. I see a runway towards letting it go.
Checking out the horizon, I see that fellow traders sent as well their own balloon, filled up with the air of their limiting beliefs, their little voices, and all kinds of different fears, …and hope of getting rich by means of Trading…for an eternal -and never coming back- trip over the Seas of Discovery. They lost their money too.


Side2: Painting Quarter turn right.

I see something like a creature on the lookout for clarity on the way to its Personal Legend.
It struggled a lot in finding its ultimate treasure on that very spot where its tears liberated its darker past filled with personal issues.
It finally came back to Fatima, caressing her left breast and is now working to live in harmony, fulfillment, wholeness and love.



Side3: Painting Upside down

There is an eagle living inside of me. This eagle has to nourish 2 children. One is very bright and alert, has a beautiful and colourful tail. The other one is acting as a parasite, looking for opportunities to hurt his brother. He looks as if he is asleep, but in reality he is dangerous and opportunistic.
There is creativity and music in the air…



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