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“In the summer of 2007 you unexpectedly came into our lives. A non-binding visit by myself and the youngest daughter to a puppy shop in Gits made our hearts melt for you.
When you got home, however, you were not allowed to enter our home and you had to survive in your kennel, at the back of the garden. You’re a companion animal and you rebelled. Your barking led to a lawsuit with the neighbor.
Since that moment you became my soul mate, I always took you to my office where you had your own place. A year later you also moved into my own apartment.
Thank you, you finally set us both free.

We lived freely and travelled carelessly around Europe in my motorhome”.










<It is very common that in order to achieve his or her goal, the strongest personality always likes receiving strength, love, affection and encouragement from others.
This story applies to everyone. Firewoman Jana plunges with dedication and sends her sparkling power through the eyes of Jolien, who ultimately receives this strength in her heart>

This is the first portrait of Kyno, who looks up respectfully at FIREWOMAN. This artwork dates from 2009 when Kyno was 2 years old



HM-ART1056- FOCUS ON A DISCOVERED NARROW WAY OUT -2011  (oil on canvas 100x200cm)

Despite frantic efforts to get Kyno cozy into our home, my wife continues to stubbornly resist this. He had to stay in his kennel, all alone in the back of the garden. The neighbors didn’t agree with his constant barking and started a lawsuit. I proposed to put Kyno in the veranda in order to stop the barking. Again there was rejection.
Several fruitless discussions later make me decide to leave with Kyno by living alone. Kyno is a ray of sunshine to be with. Together we made our first long camper trip in France. The painting exposes all processed and unprocessed emotions.


On the left side of the painting we see a couple. Their heads are not perfectly fitting to their bodies that are also set up in a contrary way. Apparently, the pair is in the middle of a serious argument. The left side of the bronze mask shows the male side, the right side shows the female side.

Out of this trip I selected 3 amazing constructions . On the top left we notice the windmill of Alphonse Daudet (Fontvieille – South France), in the middle, the devils bridge, le Pont du Diable (Thueyts- Ardeche) and on the right we see le Pont du Gard (Nîmes). These 3 old constructions seem immersed in the stable life of a dog, who looks out at a couple in constant distress, where he is the main reason for it. Finally, the couple is not able to cross the bridge. Finally they move towards a divorce.

These two worlds are connected in complementary colors.

This work was partly painted with a palette knife. The oil paint is very old and originates from Leon De Smet (+1966), mentor of my teacher Eduard Declercq.


“I have known you since August 2007 and watched you grow in 3 stages, from puppy to adult dog to senior. In the last senior phase you still saw me blurry and you didn’t hear me so clearly anymore.


On December 18, 2022, a suspected heart attack was your cause of death.
I didn’t bury you, I took you to a taxidermist.

From March 2023 onwards, you will be the most beautiful work of art in my artgallery. If you want, you can be the first to welcome the visitors”.


From 2011 to 2017 we traveled together in the campervan to the Ardèche in France, where a Dutch couple invited us for one week every year during the holidays. Every year we came back with a unique cast bronze work of art.
The golden boy was made in the 2015 summer holiday.
In the photo you can see me working on the finishing phase after casting, deburring and sanding

This is the photo with which the taxidermist will edit you into an everlasting memory, my new welcome mascot.

Curious what the result will be

to be continued….

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